What is Space Cube?

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A new type of mobile home

Space Cube is the working name for a new type of mobile home. On this page you will become acquainted with the building system, which is designed with the ambition to develop homes that are 100% circular in terms of materials and 100% energy self-sufficient.

Maximum living comfort on 25 square meter

Also on 25 square meter it is comfortable to live in a Space Cube home. Not only are all technical facilities concealed in every residual space, also we have paid a lot of attention to light, the colour palette and materials in the interior. And finally, we have filled the home with smart home technology, for the fine tuning of your living needs.

Building three stories:
no digging, no piling.

Because the Space Cube system is so lightweight, it is unnecessary to drive piles under it. The homes are placed on concrete slabs. All utilities are housed in an above-ground space. This makes Space Cube ideally suited for temporary residential projects: when the homes are moved to another location, the land is delivered undisturbed.

Energy neutral and energy self sufficient

When designing the Space Cube system we have fully focused on the latest Dutch EPC and BENG requirements. The homes are equiped with the most energy-efficient installations, including PCM heat technology, and they are prepared for the PVT panels and a home battery. And finally, smart home technology promotes efficient energy use in the homes.

Circular construction, Design for Disassembly

There are no welded or glued connections to be found in the Space Cube system. Therefore the homes can be taken apart completely. The system is supplied with a materials passport in which we have defined a re-use and/or recycling method for literally every part. By the way, many parts are already made from recycled materials.

A prefab and modular building system

Assembling homes in a conditioned environment offers many advantages, such as production throughout the year and a significant reduction in construction waste.
The modular nature of the Space Cube system means in practical terms that parts of the home can be added or replaced at any time.

You have the location, we do the rest

We take care of everything when it comes to temporary accomodation. We offer you a complete package, from taking care of permit applications, all communication with third parties and construction management, placing the hoes through our own contractors and installers who know the product through and through, to moving to the next location at the end of the preiod of use.

About the designer

The Space Cube system is the completely revised successor to Spacebox (2004) and was designed by Mart de Jong.

“Starting from a background as an interior architect, my focus has gradually shifted to prefab, lightweight and modular building systems for mobile homes. Important milestones therein were Spacebox (2004) and Homes4All (affordable housing, South Africa, 2007).”

“My ambition is to develop homes that are 100% circular in terms of materials and 100% self-sufficient in energy. Space Cube is an important step for me in realizing that ambition.”

When will the homes become available?

The research and design phase has now been completed. An exciting phase is now underway: finding financing for the process that precedes production. That primary proces consists of, among other things, the construction of a working prototype, calculation of the construction, light entry and ventilation requirements, the engineering needed to prepare the production, an all necessary tests in the field of robustness, fire safety and thermal and acoustic insulation.

We now focus on a combination of government subsidy and crowdfunding and/or venture capital as an ideal form of financing for this project. Soon we will start a crowdfunding campagin, most probably via the Kickstarter platform.

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